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The know-how of the Tézin sawmill


Nothing but local!

Wood is procured only within a radius of 50 km, in the departments of Haute-Saône and Vosges.

We work in partnership with many municipalities through the National Forests Office, as well as with local loggers.

The sawmill is PEFC certified.

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Order by full truck (28 m3) or per item, anything is possible!

We impose no standard dimensions! This allows us to respond precisely to everyone’s demands.

Delivery once a year?… or per week?

We are organized to meet recurring and planned deliveries over the long term.


Productivity and working conditions: these are the 2 key words that guide the sawmill’s investments.

The last 2 investments were a Primultini sawing trolley as well as a Zeno mill.

The next investment in 2023 will be an automatic fork stacker, to minimize physical work, paired with a trimmer to ensure a perfect cut of the timber beams.

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