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The sawmill from yesterday to today...


Scierie du Tézin
located in Fontenois-la-Ville
in Haute-Saône

The Tézin sawmill was founded from scratch in 1975 by Dorian Ladier. Beginning with a chainsaw and a lot of courage, from lumbering and logging he progressed to sawing. The first saw band arrived fairly quickly, enabling a steady supply of boards and beams for the first customers.

The machinery gradually expanded, including the purchase of a cutting trolley in 2012, a sawing trolley in 2014, as well as a twin for adaptive management of covering planks.

In 2018, Silvère Boucq bought the sawmill and took over. Dorian Ladier, who had been joined 10 years earlier by his wife, Marie-Alix Ladier, retired on January 1, 2019.

We mainly use beech and other varieties of wood but also softwood according to customers' plans

A short tour of our sawmill

Our machinery currently consists of a BZH for timber stores management. This is followed by an SGM debarker and the Primultini head saw, a Storti multiblade and a twin. 2 Stromab, one R16 Storti and one other complete the machinery for the management of cross-cutting in length and the recovery of imperfect beams.

The Tézin sawmill is as far as possible committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) process. It is important that future modifications to the sawmill allow strong local anchorage (use of local resources, search for local customers), enabling lower ecological impact, and the maintenance of a maximum of employment in rural areas.